If you are one of the many Triangle Home Buyers looking to buy a home in this very hot and competitive market, you’ve witnessed first hand how difficult this process can be.  Most reasonably priced homes are being sold in as little as 2 days and with multiple offers.  This is good news for sellers, but certainly frustrating for many Triangle Home Buyers.  Working with an experienced Real Estate Agent can help you avoid these 5 common mistakes and help you land that offer.


I hear this far too often from Triangle home buyers – “I really like the house, but I need to think about it overnight.”  Because homes are selling so quickly, by waiting even a few hours could eliminate you from contention.  Make sure you and your Agent have spent some time figuring out exactly the parameters for your home search so that as soon as a home becomes available, you are ready and willing to make an offer.  Be ready with all of your paperwork, such as a pre-approval letter, bank statements supporting proof of funds, and deposit checks in hand.

Lowball Offers

Triangle Home Buyers looking to try and negotiate a lowball offer on a home that isn’t supported with a comparative market analysis will be sorely disappointed.  Not only is it a waste of time in this hot market, it’s flat out disrespectful to the sellers.  If you truly want the house, be aggressive as possible with your offer as well as your Due Diligence and Earnest Money Deposits.  Your agent can guide you on what would be reasonable for the home.