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Strategies and Tips for Buying and Selling a Home in the Triangle.

How to Handle Multiple Offer Situations in Raleigh (And Win!)

Jon C. McBride

The Raleigh real estate market is hot, and an attractive home is a sought-after commodity. Triangle area buyer...

Step-by-step guide to a successful move

Jon C. McBride

Want to see your friends get really busy real fast? Tell them you need help packing and moving – it’s...

What you need to know about mortgage interest rates

Jon C. McBride

Interest rates, especially mortgage interest rates, have become the stuff of headlines over the past year. Hom...

Planning on selling in spring? Remember what they say about the early bird

Jon C. McBride

It’s right around the corner. As mercurial as the current housing market is, many homeowners are itching...

It’s almost spring – let’s add some color to your landscape

Jon C. McBride

Whether you have seeds starting indoors or you plan on buying starts from the nursery, your flowerbed awaits ...

The key to understanding the housing market: There is no such thing as a stupid quest...

Jon C. McBride

If you’re planning on buying a home this year, you aren’t alone. A new NerdWallet survey finds that “…...

3 Things to know about the home appraisal

Jon C. McBride

One aspect of a home sale that impacts both seller and buyer equally is the appraisal. A low appraisal can...

What to do when the power goes out

Jon C. McBride

Rolling blackouts, cars hitting transformers, hurricanes; there are numerous causes for power outages. What th...

What are the disadvantages of a home loan modification?

Jon C. McBride

Home loan modifications are perhaps one of the most controversial topics of the last couple of years. It’s b...

What you need to know about your home warranty

Jon C. McBride

The first thing you need to know about home warranties is that they are neither insurance nor warranties. They...


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